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Extensis and Equilibrium partnership

Tuesday July 1st, 2008 by Jim Kidwell

Extensis parners with Equilibrium to create digital asset management magic

Yesterday we announced a strategic partnership with Equilibrium. This is a great thing for the development of both Extensis and Equilibrium product lines.

If you’ve been playing with digital files for years, you’ve likely already used Equilibirium Debabelizer for image conversion and processing. Back in my days of working with media to create children’s edutainment (that’s a word, isn’t it) Debabelizer was an invaluable tool that we used to sample, create a common color palette and process images. I couldn’t have done my job without it.

The Power of Equilibirum Mediarich Server coming to Extensis PortfolioThese days, Equilibrium has added powerful media processing software to their product line. Equilibrium’s Mediarich Media Server technology offers powerful digital asset processing. This means that you can have any asset in any format when and where you want it. Have a video? Need it to work on your laptop, cell phone and iPod? No problem.

It’s this powerful technology that will help us create a revolution in digital asset management with Extensis Portfolio. The possibilities for the integration of our technologies are vast. While I’m not at liberty to comment about the specific details of integration, I am excited about how this partnership will affect Portfolio, Portfolio Server and Portfolio NetPublish.

Will all of this happen next week? Of course not. It takes time to properly integrate the two technologies. All that I can say is to expect good things. Stay tuned to Manage This and the Extensis website for future developments.