European webcast: What's New in Portfolio Server 9 -


European webcast: What's New in Portfolio Server 9

Wednesday July 15th, 2009 by Jim Kidwell

Extensis Portfolio Server 9Do many of our webcasts fall directly in the middle of the night for you? Well fear not, we’ve got a great team based in Northampton, UK as well as across Europe who are ready to show off our products for you.

This Thursday we’ll be walking you through new features of Portfolio Server 9, including:

  • File access from a central, visual catalog
  • Automated web delivery of assets
  • Easy administration & user-friendly design
  • Remote management of server & users
  • Fast asset processing
  • Extensive file format support

So, if you’re in the market for a new digital asset manager, or if you’re merely interested in what you’ll be getting for free with your Annual Service Agreement, be sure to join us for the hour long webcast.

Webcast details: