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Digital Asset Management ROI Calculator for Portfolio Server

Thursday October 10th, 2013 by Extensis

We like tools that help us non-number types speak the language of our managers or accountants. If you’re like us, we’ve got you covered with a simple ‘plug-the-numbers-in’ ROI (return on investment) calculator. The tool helps explain the value of Portfolio Server to key decision makers. If you want to save time, make your work life easier for you and others by leveraging a digital asset management system, this calculator will give you the background and the numbers to help justify a purchase within your organization.

ROI is a fancy acronym used in accounting to determine where a company should invest money. Just like comparing prices on new cars for example for the best deal, companies use ROI to determine where to spend. ROI considers how much money an investment like a Portfolio Server saves or generates, minus how much it costs.

To make these evaluations easier, we’ve created a handy spreadsheet. All you have to do is plug-in the specifics on your project and company to understand your potential ROI. After some easy questions, you’ll have a ROI table that you can copy and paste into a proposal document when making your business case for Portfolio.


Quick Tips

1- It’s just math, thankfully Excel does all the work and you can see and adjust key info to see how things flow and change.

2- Remember the hidden or often forgotten benefits of using a Portfolio solution, quicker turnaround times, more free time so employees can do more (or take lunch) both big for overall morale.

3- If you’re interested in all the calculations behind the scenes have a look here: How to calculate ROI for Digital Asset Management.


1- Start with the “Inputs” tab at the bottom and fill in the shaded boxes in the middle column. You can use the “Example Inputs” and “Example ROI Table” to see an example.

2- Next click on the “ROI Table” tab at the bottom to see a cost/benefit breakdown for your Portfolio project over five years.

Confused? Need help? Contact us.

Since the ROI calculator uses information and assumptions provided by you – results will vary depending on the information you use for your calculations.  The ROI calculator is provided for your use on an “as is” basis only without any warranties of any kind.