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Digital Asset Management Information Resources

Friday March 27th, 2009 by Cindy Valladares

portfolio_chiclet_web2This last Tuesday we had a very well attended webcast focusing on Digital Asset Management (DAM) Best Practices.  If you’ve missed it, you can watch the recorded presentation at your leisure.  I had several people who followed up with questions regarding resources to help them in their DAM journey.  So here are a few that I recommend:

  • Digital Asset Management Best Practices Guide — a PDF covering some lessons learned and best practices for organizing and cataloging your assets.
  • Portfolio “How to” Videos (scroll down the page until you see “Portfolio Client”) —  Short videos (4-8 min long), showing you how to organize your files, how to create a catalog and ingest your assets, how to distribute and archive your rich media assets, and how Portfolio integrates with your workflow and creative applications.
  • Portfolio webcasts — If you’re hungry for  a longer presentation about Portfolio Server and the benefits it could provide for your organization.
  • Maximizing the Value of Rich Media Files in a Down Economy —  Our upcoming Case Study presentation, featuring Methodologie, top communications strategy firm in Seattle, serving customers such as The Coca-Cola Company, Boeing and Seattle Children’s Hospital.
  • All recorded and upcoming webcasts — We continually add to this page, updating it with new webcasts and recorded presentations.
  • Portfolio trials — 30-day trials of Portfolio in your choice of platform:  Mac or Windows.

We’ve also recently revamped our site to provide more information about your specific needs, so check it out.

Periodically, we’ll post here at our blog some interesting articles regarding digital asset management in general, such as this post about a Gartner report, or offer some perspectives about how DAM helps you in these tough times.