Comparing the Portfolio Server 9 Web Client with Portfolio NetPublish -


Comparing the Portfolio Server 9 Web Client with Portfolio NetPublish

Tuesday July 28th, 2009 by Jim Kidwell

Portfolio Server 9 - new Web Client and much moreOne of the handy new optional features for Portfolio Server 9 is the Portfolio Web Client. You may know our other Portfolio web product, Portfolio NetPublish, but the Web Client differs from Portfolio NetPublish in many ways.

Portfolio NetPublish is great for browsing and downloading assets from your Portfolio catalogs. With NetPublish, you can choose from many different web templates, and quickly publish a website that allows users to browse and download the assets that you want to provide. You can even develop custom websites using JavaScript and NetPublish commands that allow access to assets in your catalogs. Portfolio NetPublish is a great way to distribute files through a branded website.

The Portfolio Web Client takes an new approach to accessing Portfolio catalogs via the web. The Web Client is a robust portal through which users can upload, download convert, tag and process files. While NetPublish websites only allow users one-way access to download files, the Portfolio Web Client offers two-way access where users can also upload and modify files, thus creating a robust portal into your catalogs.

This video demonstrates some of the features of the Portfolio Web Client.

Each user who logs into Portfolio Server using the Web Client gains access to only the catalogs that they have permission to view. Administrators are typically given full access to all catalogs, while other users may only be given access to catalogs relevant to their workflow. For example, graphic designers and art directors may require access to the organization’s entire stock image archive, while copywriters and editors may only have access to catalogs that contain published material.

The Web Client operates in all standard web-browsers that have Adobe Flash 10 installed, and provides a consistent standard interface to access and manipulate files. Using the Portfolio Web Client alleviates much of the need for an installed Desktop Client. The Desktop Client is still required for a number of administrative tasks, but for the most part, many of your users can access assets directly through the Web Client.

If you require a custom, or branded interface for clients, and don’t need to upload files from the web, Portfolio NetPublish is the best option for you. But if you need a more robust interface that allows users to also upload, download, enter metadata and process files, consider integrating the Portfolio Web Client into your workflow. For more information about both products, and the rest of the Portfolio Server solution, see the main Extensis website.