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How Can Creative Teams Adapt to Rapid Change?

Monday October 30th, 2017 by Extensis

Technology changes quickly. Therefore, creative teams must adapt just as fast.

Can you keep up?

Future Tech for Creatives

One way to be efficient is to evaluate current technological trends and learn how to use what you have evaluated to make your team more effective.

Prepare for the future…don’t let technology pass you by.

Advance your creative workflow at Future Tech 2017 ! During this free event, you’ll receive expert guidance and strategies to help you increase the speed of production and adapt quickly to technological change.

You’ll receive expert advice on:

  • Font licensing from Joyce Ketterer, CEO of Darden Studio
  • Artificial intelligence in DAM from Kristin Shevis, Chief Customer Officer of Clarifai
  • Rights management with DAM featuring Roberto Salem, Client Solutions Associate of FADEL
  • Real-world DAM case studies: a panel discussion with Maxtreme and Oregon State University
  • Font management and digital asset management trends from Extensis

They will be teaching you how to streamline your creative workflow by introducing new concepts to help your organization manage its fonts and digital assets quickly and successfully.

Join us in Los Angeles on November 16th for this once a year event.

To learn more about Future Tech, please visit our Future Tech site.

See you there!