Best Practices for Folder Hierarchies -


Best Practices for Folder Hierarchies

Friday August 12th, 2011 by Jim Kidwell

DAM Street Smarts

Our users tell us that they love Portfolio Server because it doesn’t make them change the way they work. They get up and running very quickly without making drastic changes to their workflow, and the AutoSync “hot folder” feature is a big part of this.

AutoSync can watch a folder (as well as its subfolders) for changes and automatically catalog files that are added, updated, or removed from the folder. Keywords are also automatically applied based on the filenames and folders in the structure. Just point AutoSync to the folder containing the files you want to catalog, and in short time you’ve got a searchable digital asset management system containing all your files.

While you can point AutoSync to any folder as-is, a more powerful approach is to develop a basic plan for your folder hierarchy. In the latest DAM Street Smarts article on the DAM Learning Center, we talk about the importance of folder structures and provide best practices on getting the most out of your folder heirachy with a digital masset management system like Portfolio Server:

If you’d like to learn more about folder hierarchies, or share tips of your own, head over to the DAM Learning Center:

Folder Hierarchy Best Practices for Digital Asset Management