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Artificial Intelligence Benchmark

Monday April 3rd, 2017 by Toby Martin

When Extensis partnered with Clarifai to integrate image recognition software with DAM, we knew we were on to something & now others are catching on

18 months ago when Extensis decided it was an interesting time to evaluate artificial intelligence (AI) for our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, there were a few crucial questions that still needed to be answered.  Actually, a LOT more than a few, but the big ones stood out:

  • Was AI ready to come into the creative workflow, or was it still too futuristic to be trusted widely?
  • Were crucial differences in technologies able to be reconciled in certain use cases – meaning were there weaknesses in the AI toolsets that specific common workflows would then be rendered ineffective?
  • Had the AI market matured enough for the steep learning curve that often occurs in nascent technologies?

As we began to look at embedding AI into DAM, we were pleasantly surprised at how far along artificial intelligence had progressed and how accessible the capability had become for non-scientific applications. For us, this was imperative mainly in the form of image recognition for automatic keywording.

In a matter of weeks, Extensis had integrated three of these technologies into our platform and compared / tested them all to establish a benchmark of success.

Prior to selecting Clarifai, we used a defined set of commonly occurring images (frequent data sets we see of various photographs for instance) and ran tests to see how well Clarifai matched the keywords already attached to these images. In theory, it’s relatively easy to predict how the model works, but nearly impossible to predict how well it matches to users’ subjective keywords. We wanted to see the results for ourselves. The performance surpassed our expectations and demonstrated the value AI can bring to DAM now and in the future.  It also cemented that Clarifai was the company for us to team up with to forge the trail for AI in DAM.

Articles are being written comparing different image recognition services Clarifai was featured in a recent article where four image recognition giants were reviewed. Clarifai came out on top.

To learn more about how Artificial Intelligence works, take a look at the article written by The Dark Side.

How do Digital Asset Management and Artificial Intelligence go hand in hand?

We’ll tell you. Read more about our partnership with Clarifai or if you want to know more about digital asset management, please download our best practices guide. The guide is chalked full of ways your organization can utilize DAM to improve your workflow, save time, and frustration by effectively organizing your asset library.