WebVisions PDX Wrap-up


WebVisions PDX Wrap-up

Tuesday May 20th, 2014 by Extensis

WebVisions PDX Wrap-up Dangerous Thinkers

WebVisions PDX Wrap-up

Last week, participants came together from all over the USA for WebVisions. The event took place in our back yard in Portland, Oregon. It felt intimate and buzzed with energy. Attendees were eager to compare notes and share stories after each talk. WebVisions is geared toward content creators, designers and developers tasked with pushing the boundaries of communication design. Read on for our WebVisions PDX Wrap-up.

If you haven’t attended before, it’s good to know that WebVisions offers a mix of everything from “101” breakdowns to more philosophical discussions. Keynote presentations with speakers from Fortune 500 organizations made nice bookends to the collective of sessions.

Emerging Trends of Note

Storytelling for brands—This is more important now than ever. A brand’s story must be authentic and credible to resonate with a critical audience and discerning search engines. Storytelling is becoming increasingly fragmented across platforms, so be sure to broadcast your brand narrative in cohesive, episodic content.

Engagement—Encourage your audience to engage with a call to action by removing barriers and rewarding interaction.

Collaboration—This is key to creating appealing products and user experiences. Leaders must instill confidence in their clients and team. They must also ensure all voices are heard and ideas considered. Meet client needs and discover unexplored creative solutions with collaboration.

Evolve Your Process—Change your process to encourage out of the box thinking. Design and development work should begin concurrently to create breakthrough user experiences that might otherwise be overlooked.

WebVisions PDX Wrap-up, our favorite presenters Adam Harrell and Brandon Schimttling
A few of our favorite presenters, Adam Harrell and Brandon Schimttling

Favorite Presenters

WebVisions brings the full spectrum of speakers, who present nitty-gritty ideas to big picture advancements—there’s something for everyone. Here are two of our favorite presentations in PDX.

Changing Behavior by Design
Adam Harrell, President and Founder of Nebo Agency

In this talk, Adam reviewed the prominent theories of human behavior and the latest science of persuasion. His goal is to design interactive experiences that change perceptions, convince users to take a desired action and turn actions into habits.


Death to All Devices
Brandon Schmittling, Senior Interaction Designer with HUGE

Brandon’s session examined the brief history of flexible screens, and discussed their current use in the context of a phenomenon called Device Disappearance. He explored new uses, interfaces and possible design patterns for this technology in the near future.

Get Inspired: Attend the Next WebVisions Event

Networking and trading stories with design and development peers is always incredibly inspiring. Escape the day-to-day routine and stretch your brain. Connect with creative professionals during one of WebVisions upcoming events.



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