How Much Candy Corn is in the Bowl? -


How Much Candy Corn is in the Bowl?

Monday November 6th, 2017 by Extensis

Can you guess how much candy is in the bowl?


Halloween Social at Extensis

In the midst of the meatballs, cheese trays and artichoke dip, there it is was: a bowl with an unknown, magical amount of candy. Not just any candy, but the notorious, tri-colored, waxy, Halloween-y Candy Corn. There was a prize at stake for the winning wager, so participants lined up to submit their most calculated guess, without being distracted by the unicorn prancing around the office. Yes, a unicorn. Maybe they really do exist?

Halloween at Extensis

Fall festivities at Extensis never disappoint with tasty treats, festive swills and lively conversations, but only at Halloween do we get to enjoy spooky music, smoke machines, mummified doors, pumpkin carvings, and Frankenstein movies!

Extensis Halloween

So, whose Candy Corn guess reigns supreme?

Congratulations to Kari Friedewald, Sr. Service Agreement Representative, whose guess came within 21.

David Askwith, Controller, guessed within 91. There were a total of 1,144 pieces of candy corn!

Another successful Halloween Social and several Fall and Winter festivities to go!

Extensis Halloween
Extensis Halloween

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