Cloud-Based Font Management to Solve your Font Collaboration Needs

Amy Chan
January 24, 2019
1 min read

With over 100,000 users of our software solutions, it can easily be said our Suitcase Fusion users are legion.

But there comes a time in every designer’s career when they need to collaborate with other designers on projects—which requires the sharing of fonts.
Luckily, we can accommodate you with Suitcase TeamSync! It’s the same Suitcase Fusion you’re used to, but with font sharing through the cloud. It’s easy to install and use, but doesn’t require IT support or any special hardware. Just upload your font collections, invite the designers who need them and you and your team of collaborators are ready to go.

Your entire team can share the fonts they have. No one person has to be responsible for installing or uninstalling fonts on each person’s computer manually. There’s no limit to how many fonts you can sync to the cloud, either. With Suitcase TeamSync, every member of your team will have the same fonts and therefore the right fonts to use for all of your projects without the risk of storing fonts on local hardware that can fail over time. We recently heard from a TeamSync customer that previously kept their fonts on a local server that crashed, destroying font files and causing a temporary work stoppage—which for a busy creative design company can force missing client deadlines, creating devastating consequences. Thankfully they discovered Suitcase TeamSync and are now keeping their team in sync and productive.

Suitcase TeamSync makes it easy to share fonts with both internal colleagues, and external freelancers alike. All it takes is for each designer to have a local copy of Suitcase Fusion and you can start sharing your fonts with your Suitcase TeamSync subscription. Have two designers who support each other’s projects? An organization with remote designers and offices? A design group that uses different freelancers for different projects? Then Suitcase TeamSync is a great way for you to ensure everyone on your team has access to the fonts they need, to simply get work done.
With each Suitcase TeamSync subscription, you’ll get the most current version of Suitcase Fusion—now with Document Tracking, direct connection to font store, and more!—but with the ease of sharing and peace of mind of cloud-based storage of your font assets.

It’s a win-win!



Amy Chan – Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Amy Chan is a tenured marketing leader with more than two decades developing brands, campaigns, and go to market strategies for a diverse spectrum of technology solutions. In her current role at Extensis, Amy leads the marketing initiatives for the company’s Digital Asset, Font, and Image Management lines of business. These solutions are used by creative teams and agencies across the globe, giving her an acute view into creative workflows, the challenges and needs of this community, and the important role technology can play in making productivity a competitive advantage. In her free time, Amy dabbles in travel, landscape, and food photography. She does also venture outside to garden and for casual bikes rides and event-hopping around the city.

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