New Industries Where DAM is Emerging -


New Industries Where DAM is Emerging

Tuesday August 30th, 2016 by Toby Martin

We all know how crucial Digital Asset Management is to marketing and creative professionals who need a system in place to organize and distribute digital assets like photographs, video, and other forms of media. But did you know that that DAM is emerging in other industries besides marketing? Or that the very definition of “digital asset” is being shaped by new and exciting technological innovations?

Let’s take a look at some new places where DAM is helping people work more efficiently:


DAM solutions are making it easier than ever before to document the conditions of roads and bridges. Power and energy grids can also be monitored and maintained safely before failures occur. In the era of intelligent machines that transmit data, it’s increasingly important to have a DAM system in place that can help organize new formats and media types. For government industries, the added security of an on-premise DAM system is also very appealing.


Every professional sports league now relies heavily on data and invests big bucks in analytics. Drones are being used to record and live-stream big events like the Super Bowl and X Games. 360 video is emerging in this space and hologram technology is sure to follow. Again, a lot of new media formats to wrangle.


The world’s population is approaching 8 billion—we need to make the best use of our remaining arable land (or move to Mars). Many firms are utilizing GEO-spatial and Lidar technologies to monitor crop factors like drought and invasive pests. Fewer small farmers and more industrial farming will also translate to more automated processes and sensor data to file and store.

Real Estate

Remember when Google Earth first launched and it was a really big deal to see an aerial view of a property before you decided to see it in person? Now every real estate broker supplies a virtual tour of a listing for you to peruse before you ever set foot on the property. Similar to the infrastructure industry (above), there are a myriad of new firms, hardware, and organizations producing data and new file formats to manage.


Every day, manufacturing becomes more reliant on automation—intelligent machines with data sensors that transmit information we can monitor in real-time. Storing this information is increasingly difficult. A digital asset management system is the easiest way to track, tag, and store this data and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Where does DAM go next?

Regardless of what industry you work in, having a DAM in place to manage your ever-expanding library of digital files is a great way to streamline your workflow, especially with new technologies and formats emerging every day.

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