Suitcase Fusion 4 recommendations for Windows 8


Having a streamlined setup can be crucial to having a good workflow with Suitcase Fusion 4. This article will show you how to set up your system to optimally run Suitcase Fusion 4 on a Windows 8 setup. It should only take about 5-10 minutes to go through.


Clean up your Windows Font Folder.

The “System Fonts” container in Suitcase Fusion 4 shows a list of the fonts located in the C:WindowsFonts folder. Now that you are using Suitcase Fusion 4,  C:WindowsFonts should only contain essential fonts for the Windows operating system and your personal design fonts should be in the Suitcase Fusion 4 ‘Font Library’.

  1. Deactivate any fonts that are active in the Suitcase Fusion 4 ‘Font Library’, and exit Suitcase Fusion 4.
  2. Simultaneously, press ‘Cntrl’ ‘Alt’ ‘Del’ or Right Click the ‘Taskbar’ to launch ‘Task Manager’.
  3. On the ‘Details’ tab, locate the FMCore process and select ‘End Process’. (Note: Also end the FMRenderer process if it is running.)
  4. Create a new folder on the Desktop and name it something similar to “Backup Windows Fonts’.
  5. Right-click the Start menu and select ‘File Explorer’.
  6. Navigate to C:WindowsFonts
  7. Press ‘cntrl’ and ‘a’ to select all the fonts inside the Font folder.
  8. Copy all the fonts from the C:WindowsFonts folder to the new desktop folder created in step 3.
  9. After verifying all the fonts are copied to the backup font desktop folder, select all the fonts in C:WindowsFonts and delete them.

Note: During, the deletion process you may see a number of Windows interactive popup dialogs, for example:

  • You may see a dialog box asking “Are you sure you want to delete this font collection?” Select. “Yes, I want to delete this entire font collection from my computer” and check the box on the lower right corner that says ” Do this for all selected font collections”. Delete-Collection

  • You may see a dialog stating that a font cannot be deleted because it’s a ‘protected system font’, check the box on the lower right that says, “Don’t show this message again” and click ‘Close’.Protected-Sys-Font

Add your fonts to Suitcase Fusion 4

Add any fonts you want to use to the SF4 ‘Font Library’ via drag and drop. This will copy the fonts into the SF4 font vault so you can turn them on and off. You can keep your original fonts anywhere on your PC except for the C:WindowsFonts folder mentioned above.

Add the backup Windows fonts folder on your desktop to your Suitcase Fusion 4 ‘Font Library’ via drag and drop.  Simply click and drag the folder into the Suitcase Fusion 4 application window and drop it on the folder entitled ‘Font Library’. 

After Suitcase Fusion 4 finishes adding the backup fonts to the ‘Font Library’, restart your PC. 

Now you have a clean Windows 8 system running with just the essential Windows fonts. All of your design fonts are in SF4 to turn on and off as needed.

Your computer should start faster, your design applications will run faster, and your font menus will be much shorter and easier to navigate.

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