Portfolio does not create thumbnails for Photoshop PSD files


This article describes what to do if Portfolio does not create a thumbnail for Adobe Photoshop .PSD files.


In order for Portfolio to be able to create thumbnails from a Photoshop .PSD file, it needs to be saved with “Maximum Compatibility”. This makes Photoshop embed a flattened version of the image into the file – which is what Portfolio will use to create a thumbnail and preview.

To configure Photoshop so that it saves PSD files with a preview:

  • In Windows: In Photoshop, go to Edit -> Preferences -> File Handling
  • On Mac OS X: In Photoshop, go to Photoshop -> Preferences -> File Handling. The following dialog will open:
  • In the middle of the dialog, under “File Compatibility”, set “Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility” to: “Always” if you want Photoshop to automatically save all PSD files with previews; or “Ask” if you want Photoshop to ask you while saving the file.

After doing the above steps, you will need to use Photoshop to open and resave any PSD files that are lacking thumbnails. Once you have re-saved them with the Maximize Compatibility enabled, you can have Portfolio generate a thumbnail and preview for them. To do this, select the items in Portfolio, then select: Item > Regenerate Thumbnail.

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