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Font Sense™ is an innovative font identification technology that ensures a smooth workflow by identifying, locating, and activating the exact fonts used in documents.


Font Sense goes beyond identifying fonts by name. Unique identifiers that guarantee the correct identification of a font are created for every font in the collection. Font Sense allows multiple unique copies of a single font to be maintained, ensuring that the correct font is always used for a document.

With many fonts in existence for many years, with a wide variation in font formats and updates to the font – though not necessarily updates to the font’s PostScript™ name. For example, many fonts were created prior to the creation of the Euro, and would not include the glyph to represent it. Font Sense ensures that the correct fonts used to design the document is selected when it is printed.

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Do Your Designers Read Font licenses?

Do Your Designers Read Font licenses?

Based on global survey, this report illustrates how font trading and misuse can lead to legal turmoil.

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Font Auto-activation

Fonts ready for use when you open design documents with font auto-activation plug-ins.

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Font’s Hot, Font’s Not

We surveyed designers and asked them to tell us everything about the font use. Want the results?

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