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Smooth your font workflow

Fonts are critical to creative work. Messy font menus, missing fonts and font corruption can bring your creativity to a grinding halt.

Suitcase Fusion tames your font challenges with:

  • A full set of professional font auto-activation plug-ins
  • Customizable font previews
  • Centralized, easy access to all of your fonts
  • Automatic font corruption checking
  • And much more…

Compatible with your setup

If you can’t manage your fonts you can’t ship your work, and that doesn’t work for anyone. With both Suitcase Fusion 7 you get font auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign®, Illustrator®, InCopy®, After Effects® and QuarkXPress®.

The complete bundle

Includes everything necessary for a pain-free font workflow.

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Fix corrupt fonts with FontDoctor
Suitcase Fusion for iOS

Suitcase Fusion


Suitcase Fusion for iOS


System Requirements

Suitcase Fusion 7



Supported Applications

Auto-Activation Plug-in and Extensis Font Panel included for these applications:

Auto-Activation Plug-in included for these applications:



Choose the font solution that’s right for you:

Suitcase Fusion 7

Suitcase Fusion 7

For individuals who need to organize a font collection of any size into a single, browsable and searchable location.

New License: $119.95, Upgrade: $59.95

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Suitcase TeamSync

Suitcase TeamSync

For small workgroups who want a subscription-based solution to share fonts using a cloud-based server.

Subscription: $96/User, Billed Annually

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