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Suitcase Fusion 4 for Windows
Release Notes

Current version: 15.0.6

For System Requirements, please click here.

Plug-ins: Supported Applications

Suitcase Fusion 4 includes Auto-Activation plug-in and Extensis Font Panel support for the following applications:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS5.1 (included in Creative Suite 5.5), and CS6
  • Adobe InDesign CS5, CS5.5, and CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS5.1, and CS6 (Photoshop CS6 v13.0.1 or later with Suitcase Fusion 4 v15.0.3 or later)

Suitcase Fusion 4 includes Auto-Activation plug-in support for the following applications:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS3 and CS4
  • Adobe InCopy CS4, CS5, CS5.5, and CS6
  • Adobe InDesign CS3 and CS4
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • QuarkXPress 7, 8, 9

What’s new in Suitcase Fusion 4

What’s new in 15.0.6

This release addresses plug-in related issues.

What’s new in 15.0.5

This release addresses an issue that caused fonts to be unavailable to the Extensis auto-activation plug-ins and font panels in Adobe applications. For more information, see this Knowledgebase article.

What’s new in 15.0.4

This release includes updates and bug fixes related to auto-activation plug-ins.

What’s new in 15.0.3

This version includes the auto-activation plug-in and Font Panel for Photoshop CS6 (v13.01 or later), and fixes a bug related to saving EPS files from Illustrator CS6.

What’s new in 15.0.2

This version includes an update to accommodate recent changes in Google Web Fonts, and a fix in the Photoshop auto-activation plug-in.

What’s new in 15.0.1

We added support for Adobe Creative Suite 6 in the Font Panels and auto-activation plug-ins.

What’s new in 15.0.0

Extensis Font Panel for Adobe Creative Suite 5 and 5.5 applications

The Extensis Font Panel allows you to access all of your Fusion font libraries directly in Adobe InDesign CS5/5.5, Illustrator CS5/5.1, and Photoshop CS5/5.1. Selecting and activating fonts is a snap when you’re using the Extensis Font Panel directly in your favorite design applications.

As an added bonus, WebINK customers can use the Extensis Font Panel in Photoshop CS5/5.1 to create design comps and client previews using their favorite WebINK fonts. For details or to sign up for a free WebINK account, check out the WebINK website.

New Adobe InCopy plug-in

We have added an auto-activation plug-in for Adobe InCopy CS4, CS5, and CS5.5. Now you can be sure that the InDesign documents that you share will be displayed with the same fonts everywhere. You won’t need to worry about inconsistent copyfitting or incorrect pagination.

Add color to Previews

You can now set the font and background colors used in the Previews pane. Test color combinations, use them in floating previews, and grab a Font Snapshot.

Easier set creation

Grouping fonts into sets is as easy as selecting some fonts then clicking a menu item.

Favorite fonts

Mark fonts as favorites and easily find them when you need them. Use them to search fonts and create smart sets. You can even identify your favorite WebINK fonts.

Focus on the view you prefer

Hide either the Previews or the Fonts so you can see more of what you need to see. Quickly switch between showing one, the other, or both lists if you need to.

Menu font names

PostScript font names are descriptive and useful, but they aren’t always easy to understand. Suitcase Fusion 4 shows you PostScript names, and it also shows the font names as they appear in the menus of most of your apps. So now you’ll know that HelveticaNeueLTStd-LtIt is better known as “Helvetica Neue LT Std 46 Light Italic.”

Fixed Issues

Fixed in 15.0.6

  • Fixed an issue where having the Photoshop plug-in activated would result in sluggish performance when using Save for Web. [44314, TS1038]

Fixed in 15.0.4

  • Fixed an issue where Photoshop could crash if the auto-activation plugin option “Enable Font Sense support” is disabled. [43952]

Fixed in 15.0.3

  • Fixed an issue where FontSense data was not added to EPS files saved from Adobe Illustrator CS6. [43741]
  • Fixed an issue where the auto-activation plugin for Adobe Illustrator would write extraneous data to AI and EPS files. [43918]

Fixed in 15.0.2

  • Fixed an issue where Photoshop would take a long time to open documents with text in Smart Objects. [ID 43759, TS1318]

Fixed in 15.0.1

  • Addressed an issue where Suitcase Fusion can’t show system fonts in Windows Explorer. Instead of highlighting the “My Documents” folder, Suitcase now opens the Windows folder. (The built-in Windows font viewer interferes with this feature.) [43370, TS 882]
  • Fixed an issue where temporarily activated fonts were not deactivated after a restart. [43490, TS 865]

Fixed in 15.0.0

  • Fixed an issue where 32-bit Adobe CS5.x apps failed to launch if auto-activation plug-ins were enabled. [ID 42820, TS1020]
  • Fixed an issue where copying a glyph from the Glyph palette would cause a permanently active font to become temporarily active. NOTE: Copying a glyph will cause an inactive font to become temporarily active in anticipation of pasting the copied glyph. Fonts that are permanently active will remain in that state. [ID 43373, TS1233]
  • Fixed an issue where clicking “No Thanks” in the WebINK dialog will not start the FMCore. [ID 43529]

Known Issues

  • If you attempt to uninstall Suitcase Fusion with the FMCore running, you will be prompted to shut down all running applications. To avoid this behavior, stop the FMCore from the Preferences dialog, then uninstall. [42612, TS 1144]
  • The WebINK fonts “Somaton” and “Compact Dance” don’t render correctly in preview and cause problems with auto-activation in Photoshop. [ID 43532]
  • OpenType symbol fonts are previewed as plain text on Windows, not as symbols. [TS 954]
  • PerpetuaTitlingMT – Light and PerpetualTitlingMT – Bold appear as Arial BoldMT in the Preview and Glyphs panels. [TS 1209]