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Portfolio Server 10 for Windows
Release Notes 

Current version: 10.2.0

For System Requirements, please click here.

To connect to Portfolio Server with the Desktop Client, you must use a Desktop Client with the same major and minor version number. To connect to Portfolio Server 10.2.x, use Desktop Client 10.2.x.

Installing Portfolio Server

All editions of Portfolio Server share the same installer. To start the installation process, double-click the installer icon and allow the installer to guide you.

Solution Packs such as NetPublish and NetMediaMAX may require additional installation. For product edition, license configuration, and installation details for Solution Packs, please see the Portfolio Administration Guide.

Installing Media Engines

By default, Portfolio Server includes a built-in media engine, powered by MediaRich. With NetMediaMAX, you can offload and distribute media processing to external media engines.

To install the Portfolio Media Engine (MediaRich), double-click the installer and follow the prompts.

Since Portfolio Server uses the built-in media engine, the Portfolio Media Engine installer does not allow installation on the same computer as Portfolio Server.

What’s New in Portfolio Server

What’s New in Version 10.2

New Portfolio Server API

This release of Portfolio Server introduces a new Application Programming Interface (API) that offers developers an easy way to access and integrate Portfolio catalog metadata, assets, previews, batch processing tasks, and other Portfolio Server features into their business applications. A host of features, including the ability to manipulate galleries, convert assets, edit fields, and automate workflows are available. Access to the API is included in the Enterprise edition and a developer Code Reference is available in the Server Admin application.

New file processing and expanded media support

A new, expanded file processing layer was developed for the Portfolio Server and external Media Engine (MediaRich). This new module provides faster and more robust capabilities, particularly for PDF and Office document formats. ( is no longer required.)

File format support has been expanded to include new camera raw formats and professional video codecs. Furthermore, the new file processing layer provides a more flexible framework for supporting additional formats in the future.

Other Portfolio Server Improvements

  • Expanded file recognition means fewer unreadable items when cataloging
  • Overall stability improvements when cataloging and scanning AutoSync folders
  • Fresh new look, including use of new font (Trebuchet MS) for greater legibility, refined menus and enhanced usability
  • Enhanced Office format support
  • Improved performance and stability when cataloging and previewing Photoshop documents

Improvements in Portfolio Web Client

The Web Client has a completely new look, with enhanced usability and viewing improvements that let you focus on the information you need when and where you need it and perform common tasks in fewer steps.

  • URL fields are resolved as links in Grid View.
  • Improved color management support with more accurate thumbnails and previews.
  • When opened in Preview Mode, video preview clips will play automatically.
  • Error and warning messages are more descriptive.
  • Enhanced usability, including wider Organizers panel and enhanced management of interface state under conditions like scrolling and resizing.
  • Many user interface improvements, including improved keyboard navigation.

What’s New in Version 10.1

  • Support for Apple ProRes video codec
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Improved login and folder navigation performance in the Web Client

What’s New in Version 10.0

Directory Services (LDAP) integration

  • If you are using either Portfolio Professional or Enterprise Edition, you can connect your server to an Active Directory or Open Directory (LDAP) service.
  • You can create Portfolio accounts using Directory Service login names, allowing users to connect to their catalogs using their network login credentials.
  • Enterprise users can map LDAP users or groups to Portfolio catalogs, and can also restrict catalog access for specific LDAP users or groups.


  • Portfolio automatically creates a preview clip when you import a video.
  • NetMediaMAX users can now add XMP metadata to supported audio and video formats.
  • NetMediaMAX also allows you to generate downloadable versions of your video in a variety of formats.
  • Several NetPublish templates have been enhanced to support video playback and download.

Cataloging and Media Processing

  • Portfolio Server’s built-in Media Engine now supports multi-threading; more cataloging and media-processing tasks are performed simultaneously. On a typical Portfolio Server installation, AutoSync and many Patch Processing operations will run considerably faster, resulting in faster cataloging and conversion times.
  • In addition to the built-in Media Engine, NetMediaMAX distributes workloads, including video transcoding, across a Media Engine cluster, resulting in increased throughput and better overall performance.

Improvements in Portfolio Web Client

  • All users of the Web Client can quickly generate a PDF contact sheet with 2, 4, 9, or 16 images per page.
  • Web Client users can play video preview clips in Grid View or Preview Mode.
  • Catalog administrators can specify default catalog view settings for Web Client users from within the Web Client.
  • Each Web Client user’s view settings are now saved on the server, so those settings are used whenever they connect from any computer or browser.
  • More Web Client functions can be accessed through shortcut menus. Select one or more files or organizers, then right-click on the selection to see the shortcuts available.

Fixed Issues

Fixed in Portfolio Server 10.2

  • Fixed an issue where NEF Raw files that were adjusted using the Nikon Capture NX software would show a preview of the unmodified image when cataloged. [ID 37990]
  • Fixed an issue where catalogs were duplicated if you install Portfolio Server 10 on a system with either Portfolio 8.5 or Portfolio Server 9.5. [ID 42314]
  • Fixed an issue where the Page Count for PDF files was sometimes reported erroneously. [ID 42346]
  • Fixed an issue where some HTML files could not be thumbnailed or previewed. [ID 42510]
  • Fixed an issue where IPTC fields that contained high ASCII characters were extracted incorrectly. [ID 42527]
  • Fixed an issue where Portfolio did not generate functional preview clips for very short audio files (less than 1 second in duration). [ID 42532]
  • Fixed an issue where Portfolio would not generate preview clips or thumbnails for AVI files with the extension .DIVX. [ID 42574]
  • Fixed an issue where Portfolio Server used incomplete previews for PSD files with alpha channels. [ID 42775]
  • Fixed an issue where the Desktop Client could not open a catalog if the work folder had a high ASCII character in the name. [ID 42781]
  • Fixed an issue where .TXT files were cataloged with a generic thumbnail. [ID 42796]
  • Added the color profile ISOcoated_v2_eci.icc so that non-US users can specify this as the profile to use for CMYK conversions. [ID 42941]
  • Fixed an issue where entering text in the URL field of an item could result in an unexpected error. [ID 42950]
  • Fixed an issue where cataloging a Photoshop file that is not on the Portfolio Server system would take a long time to catalog. [ID 43506]

Fixed in Portfolio Server 10.1

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t save a mapping after deleting and re-adding a directory service. [ID 41645]
  • The Global Settings pane in the Server Admin application is now displayed correctly. [ID 42204]
  • Fixed an issue where an LDAP user account was changed to a Native account when the user was mapped to “None” (no catalogs). [ID 42285]
  • Fixed an issue where an LDAP user account could be removed from the Portfolio database under some circumstances. [ID 42287]
  • Fixed an issue where an LDAP mapping with specific users or groups excluded from all catalogs could block additional LDAP users from being added to the database. [ID 42288]
  • Fixed an issue where the Server Admin app would not show Web Client users as logged in if they logged in using their correct name in a different case than that stored in the Portfolio database (for example, logging in as “BOB” when the name stored in the database is “bob”). [ID 42299]
  • Fixed an issue where debug logging would include the Active Directory login information in clear text. [ID 42331, TS 1132]
  • Fixed an issue where the Portfolio Server Administrator desktop shortcut would connect to the default port (8091) instead of a custom port configuration when upgrading a previous version of Portfolio. [ID 42374]

Fixed in Portfolio Server 10.0

  • Fixed an issue where Web Client users would be disconnected immediately when a user requests Administrator Mode (rather than waiting until the grace period has expired). [ID 38656]
  • Addressed an issue where a multi-page Illustrator CS5 file could take a long time to catalog. [ID 39380]
  • Fixed an issue where some EPS files were failing to catalog or were being cataloged without thumbnails. [ID 39457, TS 817]
  • Addressed an issue where thumbnails and previews could not be generated for some large PDF files. [ID 40212, TS 854]
  • External media engines no longer need read/write access to a catalog’s Previews folder. [ID 40276]
  • Fixed an issue where the preview images of Illustrator files that included fill patterns could appear with banding. [ID 40386]
  • Addressed an issue where some JPEG files were not converted when using the “Make a PDF” MediaScript. [ID 40403]
  • Fixed an issue where Portfolio would incorrectly render an Illustrator file with grouped objects that included a gradient mask. [ID 40628]
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to preview an item where the original file is missing would result in the original thumbnail being replaced with a generic icon. [ID 40646]
  • Fixed an issue where cataloging certain files could leave .TMP files in the Windows temporary directory. [ID 40809, TS 956]
  • Addressed an issue where Portfolio would report height, width, and resolution that were different from those reported by Acrobat for some PDF and EPS files. [ID 41137]

Fixed in Portfolio Web Client 10.2

  • Fixed an issue where dragging items to the top or bottom of the Organizers pane would not cause the Organizers pane to scroll to reveal additional galleries and folders. [ID 42528]
  • Fixed an issue where embedding metadata into a file that has a custom preview results in the original thumbnail being displayed after the item is previewed. [ID 42766]
  • Fixed an issue where replacing an original file during a Batch Process, any custom preview or thumbnail was retained with the new file. [ID 42935]
  • Fixed an issue where the status was not updated for AutoSync subfolders. [ID 42982]
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for a new gallery was updated slowly. [ID 43068]
  • Fixed an issue where downloading an archive over 2 GB would fail. [ID 43116]
  • Fixed an issue where a smart gallery in a copy of a native catalog would reflect the contents of the smart gallery in the original catalog, and not what would be expected in the copy. [ID 43205]
  • Fixed an issue where downloads in progress would be cancelled if the Web Client timed out due to lack of user action. [ID 43207]

Fixed in Portfolio Web Client 10.1

  • Fixed an issue where selecting and dragging multiple items would result in only one item being dragged unless you released the mouse button before you started dragging. [ID 41920]
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t drag items from the Flagged Items or Last Cataloged galleries to a folder. [ID 41960]
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t drag items between two different public galleries that have the same name. [ID 42102]
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Client would become unresponsive with catalogs containing an AutoSync folder with a large number of sub-folders. [ID 42168]
  • Fixed an issue where Batch Find could fail using a complex query on a large catalog. [ID 42198]
  • Fixed an issue where actions performed on Batch Find results were applied to the entire catalog. [ID 42350]
  • Fixed an issue where an auto-sync folder created in the Desktop Client with the option to sync “only when the user presses the Sync button” would be displayed incorrectly in the Web Client. [ID 42404]
  • Fixed an issue where changing a folder name in the Web Client could expand other portions of the catalog tree. [ID 42406]
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Client would incorrectly display the contents of the folder you are looking at if another folder in the same catalog is changed. [ID 42409, 42509]
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Client would not show the “out-of-sync” icon for subfolders. [ID 42453]
  • Fixed an issue where expanding the top folder of a catalog for the first time returns to the “Welcome to Portfolio” screen. [ID 42463]
  • Fixed an issue where items in an auto-sync folder that are deleted from catalog (but not from disk) would be re-added to the catalog automatically, possibly causing you to lose edits you had made to other items’ metadata. [ID 42466]
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Client would not show if the root folder of a catalog was unavailable until you tried to expand it. [ID 42472]
  • Fixed an issue where adding a subfolder to an auto-sync folder could cause a different subfolder to be displayed in the Web Client. [ID 42486, 42541]
  • Fixed an issue where embedding metadata in certain types of files could result in either very slow performance or being disconnected from Portfolio Server. [ID 42503, TS 1158]

Fixed in Portfolio Web Client 10.0

  • Fixed an issue where the Volume field in the File Info property pane was not updated after a file was moved. [ID 40341]
  • Fixed an issue where various combinations of showing or hiding the Properties or Organizers panes and resizing the main catalog window could leave the main catalog window too wide to display the Properties pane. [ID 40383, 40436]
  • Fixed an issue where using the arrow keys to make selections would misbehave when switching between Thumbnail View and List View. [ID 40429]
  • Attempting to delete a large number of items from a catalog could result in an “Unexpected Error” message when no actual error occurred. [ID 40456]
  • Fixed an issue where users were allowed to delete a Saved Find that was associated with a Smart Gallery. This resulted in an error in the Web Client. [ID 40504]
  • Fixed an issue where Reader-level users could get an error attempting to embed data into a file. [ID 40514]
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter/Return would not perform the action of the selected button in some dialogs. [ID 40561]
  • Disallowed using reserved OS characters in filenames. (This could result in an error or unexpected behavior, such as a new subdirectory being created.) [ID 40575, 40576]
  • Fixed an issue where, on logout, a username with double-byte characters would be replaced with lowercase ASCII characters. [ID 40590]
  • Fixed an issue where the ESC key could not be used to cancel a dialog if the user had no permissions to modify settings in the dialog. [ID 40593]
  • Fixed an issue where the shortcut menu provided “Delete contents” and “Delete from gallery” options for users without those permissions. (Choosing the menu items would result in an error, and not allow the user to perform the operation.) [ID 40627]
  • Fixed an issue where cataloging a Watch folder that includes a subfolder with an illegal Windows name would show as an error for the parent folder. [ID 40708]

Known Issues in Portfolio Web Client

  • An issue in Chrome related to the built-in Flash player results in the inability to upload several items at one time. [ID 43010]
  • PDFs created using the “Make a PDF” Media Script (available from the Automate menu) will not include Office documents, videos, HTML files, sounds, and other non-graphic files. [ID 43145]