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Streamline Your Workflow With The New Portfolio!

Portfolio 2016 was created with workflow in mind. Packed with new features to promote shared content development and better teamwork, Portfolio 2016 will help you more efficiently manage asset creation, organization and utilization.

Version Control

Need to recover a previous version or even the original? Now you can! Plus, track changes to assets and their metadata. Portfolio 2016 makes this easy by automatically tracking changes and giving you access to previous versions.


Check-Out / Check-In

Struggle to coordinate edits during the creative process? Keep everyone in sync with asset check-out/check-in. Portfolio 2016 simplifies collaboration and allows users to check out files while they are being edited to prevent simultaneous changes.

File Locking

Want to let users search files, but not alter or use them? Ensure compliance and prevent misuse by locking assets as needed. Portfolio 2016 can protect assets from change or download while keeping them searchable and viewable in the catalog.

Secure Storage

Nervous that users have direct access to original files? Prevent mishaps by securely storing assets in a digital vault. Portfolio 2016 also utilizes this secure structure to store snapshots of files in case you need to recover a previous version.


NetPublish Customization

Portfolio NetPublish makes it easy to publish dynamic websites that allow you to distribute asset collections. With Portfolio 2016, NetPublish now includes new capabilities giving you even more control over customizing the look and feel of each site. Better yet, themes can be saved and applied to multiple sites.


Portfolio Smart Keywords Example

Smart Keywords

Portfolio’s Smart Keywords add-on module dramatically reduces manual time assigning keywords. With two simple clicks, a list of “smart” keywords are automatically delivered in seconds.


Portfolio Express Enhancements

Portfolio Express gives you direct access to your assets right from your desktop. With Portfolio 2016, Express has been upgraded so users have more control over seeing the information they need to more easily find, use and repurpose existing assets.

Open Directory / Active Directory

If you have Open or Active Directory, Portfolio 2016 can utilize existing user and group accounts – and fewer user accounts means faster setup and easier maintenance. Portfolio 2016 now includes Active and Open Directory group sync.

But Wait, There’s More

  • 30+ new IPTC fields added
  • New and improved API available
  • MrSID technology support
  • Logi Reports that provide keyword statistics
  • 360 Video Support in NetPublish
  • Automatic notifications when backups or restores are completed
  • Notifications when changes have been made to public galleries
  • Improved overall user experience
  • And much more!

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