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Wish You Could Capture & Catalog Anywhere, Any Time?

Now you can with Portfolio Flow! Using any iOS or Android™ mobile device, users can upload assets from practically anywhere directly into Portfolio with metadata attached.


Mobile Asset Collection

Many of us are walking around with an incredibly powerful asset collection device – our smartphones. Modern mobile devices can capture high quality video, audio and images, but moving these assets captured “on location” into your DAM system can be a challenge.


Connect Everyone

Don’t let valued assets get stuck on various mobile devices! Portfolio Flow connects asset contributors by allowing anyone to upload files to a centralized Portfolio server, guaranteeing all assets are properly collected and protected.


Immediate Tagging

The best time to tag an asset with the most accurate, relevant metadata is right after it is captured. Using Portfolio Flow, content contributors can apply metadata when assets are uploaded to Portfolio, ensuring assets are correctly cataloged from the beginning.




Mobile Upload Enhances The Overall Digital Asset Management Workflow

  • Move mobile content directly to a secure, central repository
  • Assets arrive with consistent, searchable metadata
  • Notifications let administrator know new assets have been uploaded
  • Administrator and librarians can approve or reject submissions
  • Upload history tracks previous uploads
  • Wi-Fi only upload option available

Available via the App StoreSM and Google Play

Portfolio Flow requires a data connection and access to Portfolio (v1.0 or higher). Version 1.7 is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad; Version 1.0.1 available for Android.

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