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Learn how to effectively manage a 19,000+ Digital Assets Collection

Drowning in files that seem to endlessly multiply, making it impossible to find the one you really need? In this recorded webinar we explore how Extensis Portfolio together with After Digital, helped The Amber Collective add structure to its collection and publish it to the web.

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Curate your Digital Collection with Portfolio

Collection Management Systems (CMS) do a great job with handling information associated with objects but they tend to fall short when it comes to managing digital versions. Why? Simply put, a text-centric CMS system isn’t equipped to catalog, share and archive digital assets.

The answer for many museums, galleries, and other cultural heritage organizations lies in adopting a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) to organize and protect their digital assets. By combining DAM with CMS, institutions can provide an efficient and comprehensive collection information solution that addresses all their needs.

Portfolio works with your Collection Management System

Portfolio is a flexible digital asset management system that can work with your CMS to help centralize, find, manage, and convert photography, flat art scans, collateral, catalogs, and other digitized material associated with collection objects.

Catalog Templates for Industry Standards

Custom catalog templates for VRA Core and Spectrum DAM are built right into Portfolio. This saves you time when setting up new catalogs, establishes consistency across all catalogs, and ensures your catalogs store all the information you need.

Pre-Built CMS Connectors

We’ve worked with key CMS vendors to create custom connectors that allow you to marry the power of Portfolio with the rich data of your Collections Management System. Currently we support Adlib and Museum Plus.

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“Digital Asset Management is a critical element for our gallery…our archive revolves around it entirely”

Tom Bilson, Head of Digital Media, The Courtauld Institute of Art

Customer Success Stories



Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a critical element for our gallery; our company and the preservation of the images in our archive revolves around it entirely.



Extensis Portfolio opens up greater dialogue with the other departments that use our work, and, in the long-term, improves the image quality used throughout the organization.



With Extensis Portfolio, anyone who needs a collections image can find it easily and download it via a secure website. Portfolio also enables us to embed and display rights metadata, which informs staff of appropriate usage for each image.

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Extensis Portfolio ensures efficient image retrieval by importing data from accurate sources including file metadata and collection management system exports.

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Extensis Portfolio Is:

  • Easy to use – We made digital asset management straight forward and simple for everyone, not just techies.
  • Centralized – Manage and preserve assets in a single, secure repository with one tool.
  • Connected – Share collections data with one click using built-in import/export tools or one of our CMS connectors.
  • Customizable – Track custom or CMS related data, like accession number, artist name, title, or other predefined metadata.
  • VRA Core and Spectrum ready – We have catalog templates ready for your collections metadata.
  • Secure – Predefined user levels with varying permissions support multi-departmental teams.
  • Productive – Streamline the appraising, vetting and selecting process. Portfolio has dedicated views to aide every workflow.
  • Not just for Collections – Registrations and Marketing teams will love Portfolio too.

See Portfolio in Action

Learn from an expert how Portfolio can help you get the most out of your digital assets.

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Learn how SPECTRUM DAM, built right into Portfolio, can help you save time.

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DAM Best Practices Guide

A straightforward guide to your workflow, organizing your files and more.

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digital asset management webcasts

Learn About Digital Asset Management

Through our series of webcasts, learn how to take Digital Asset Management to the next level.

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