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The Heart of any Museum is its Collection

Collection Management Systems (CMS) do a great job with handling information associated with objects (i.e curating) but they tend to fall short when it comes to digital versions. The answer–digital assets can’t be efficiently used or shared in a text-centric system.

Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) help museums, galleries, and cultural heritage organizations manage their digital assets. By combining DAMS with CMS, institutions can provide an efficient and comprehensive collection information solution.

Extensis Portfolio works with your Collection Management System

Extensis Portfolio™ is a digital asset management system that helps organizations centralize, find, manage, and convert photography, flat art scans, programs, catalogs, and digitized ephemera associated with collection objects. 


  • Quick to install and easy to use.
  • Centralized. Manage and preserve assets with one tool.
  • Connected. Share collections data with simple import/export tools or use one of our purpose built CMS connectors.
  • Easy to customize. Track custom or CMS related information like an accession number, artist name, title, or other custom metadata.
  • VRA Core and Spectrum metadata ready. We have catalogs ready for your collections data.
  • A redundancy reducer. Convert assets on-the-fly to other sizes and formats instead of creating and storing unnecessary duplicates.
  • Your self-service portal. Enable self-service access to collections images for other departments (internal and external).
  • Access Control. With multiple access levels for different departments.
  • A streamlining tool for appraising, vetting and selecting with ease. Portfolio has dedicated views to aide in workflow ramp up.
  • Not just for Collections. Registrations and Marketing teams will love Portfolio too.


  • Complex. We give you usable core DAM features and leave the rest to others.
  • Expensive. Portfolio allows you stay on budget with special pricing for academic, non-profit and government institutions.
  • Rigid. Portfolio easily conforms to your workflow and environment. We don’t force you to use a prescribed workflow.
  • Confusing. You don’t need a DAM expert to get started with Portfolio.
  • Third Party dependent. Say goodbye to file sharing services. Portfolio has integrated ways to share with no monthly fees.

Purpose Built CMS Connectors

We’ve worked with key CMS vendors to create custom connectors that allow you to marry the power of Extensis Portfolio with the rich data of your Collections Management System. Currently we support Adlib and Museum Plus.

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Don’t see your system listed? Do you need more details?

Catalog Templates for Industry Standards

Now available: Custom catalog templates for VRA Core and Spectrum DAM built into Extensis Portfolio.

Customer Success Stories



Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a critical element for our gallery; our company and the preservation of the images in our archive revolves around it entirely.



Extensis Portfolio opens up greater dialogue with the other departments that use our work, and, in the long-term, improves the image quality used throughout the organization.



With Extensis Portfolio, anyone who needs a collections image can find it easily and download it via a secure website. Portfolio also enables us to embed and display rights metadata, which informs staff of appropriate usage for each image.



Extensis Portfolio ensures efficient image retrieval by importing data from accurate sources including file metadata and collection management system exports.

National Trust for Scotland

See how the National Trust for Scotland uses Extensis Portfolio to preserve digital objects. Watch the webcast recording

The Courtauld Institute of Art

Learn how The Courtauld Institute of Art preserves and publishes its prestigious collection using Extensis Portfolio. Read the case study


Interested in connecting Extensis Portfolio with your CMS? See our Enterprise DAM Technology Whitepaper, API code reference, code samples, and developer community forums.

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