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Quality Bicycle Products

Quality Bicycle Products Puts “Every Butt on a Bike” and Every Font on Universal Type Server

Industry: Retail & Distribution

Product Line: Server Based Font Management

Where they started…

In order to be in the top 1% of all distributers in the cycling and outdoor industry, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) has made a firm commitment to high performance and outstanding results (in addition to putting “every butt on a bike”). One of the main marketing documents created by QBP is its 1,700+ page catalogue, which is considered the “bible” for bicycles, parts and accessories.

Ensuring that the right fonts are available for the production of this large, complex document, as well as all other external customer-facing content, is essential. QBP needed a system that could easily keep its entire team of 50 in sync, and enable a font problem-free creative workflow.

What they did…

To get their creative in sync, QBP needed a solution that:

  • Centralizes their fonts into a single, secure location, ensuring that everyone on the team has access to the same licensed fonts
  • Ensures a high level of creative flexibility for their design, marketing and PR teams
  • Manages multiple font collections for disparate creative teams, while providing efficient user access
  • Offers easy server configuration and management for the IT group

QBP selected Extensis Universal Type Server to quickly and seamlessly centralize their font collection to give their creative teams the flexibility to focused primarily on developing stellar materials, not wrestling with their fonts.

Where they landed…

By deploying Universal Type Server, QBP:

  • Stores their large font library into a single location.
  • Standardized on Adobe Creative Suite 5 paired with the font auto-activation plug-ins of the Universal Type Client
  • Connected their Universal Type Server to Active Directory for easy user management

Where they’re headed…

For the future, QBP plans to expand their font collection, adding new fonts to Universal Type Server to ensure fast, reliable access for everyone in the creative workflow. As QBP grows they will add new creative users to the server to get them up and running quickly.