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Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe Takes Giant Leap Forward with Universal Type Server

Industry: Advertising, Design & Marketing

Product Line: Server Based Font Management

Where they started…

As one of the top four advertising agencies in the world, Publicis Groupe works with a high volume of fonts across multiple creative teams. Prior to implementing Extensis Universal Type Server, the agency used disparate systems for managing font usage within these groups, including both desktop and server-based solutions. The agency realized this system was not only inefficient for both creative and IT, but was costly, created redundancies and posed serious risks for inadvertent font misuse.

What they did…

In a proactive effort to get ahead of these challenges, Publicis Groupe went on a search to find a solution that would:

  • Centralize and virtualize their font management system, while ensuring the same level of creative freedom for their teams
  • Safeguard the agency from font compliance risk
  • Manage multiple font collections for disparate creative teams, while providing efficient user access
  • Offer IT easy server configuration

With these criteria as their guidepost, Publicis Groupe selected Extensis Universal Type Server to quickly and seamlessly transition the agency to a more modern approach for font management. The agency currently has 20 servers running on Mac OS X, and 2,491 client applications. Publicis Groupe is using Apple Remote Desktop to manage these servers and install updates, with local administrators managing users and workgroups, and maintaining font libraries.

Where they landed…

Since deploying Universal Type Server, Publicis Groupe has:

  • Consolidated the number of servers needed to manage fonts, thereby creating significant cost savings
  • Expedited the process of accessing fonts and managing font libraries for their creative teams, which has received very positive feedback from these users
  • Established a sound system for mitigating font compliance issues

Where they’re headed…

Through virtualization, Publicis is consolidating multiple Universal Type Servers onto centralized hardware by region. These Type Servers are used to serve fonts to creative users across each region over the WAN. Each server is deployed in such a manner that allows creative groups to be managed by local administrators and keep font collections distinct and separate. For the future, they will be continuing the process of server virtualization hardware consolidation, all the while responding to the ever changing needs of their creative teams.